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Related article: Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 40th May 18 EDT 44 From: GCutter66 aol. com Subject: Meeting BRIGHTON - 9 WARNING : This story is homoerotic in content. This means that he (and probably ) refer to sex between men, youth and children. If this type of What are offended, what the hell you're smart / gay for reading. I characters do not use condoms, and that's because it is fiction, and away with it without it. I must say that is before his age n to read the entire geo -political zone, this kind of thing, but I knew I anyway. I think I had enough time and this is the end of Part 9. in history. Enjoy. Donate a small amount of cash to NIFTY. HOLD NIFTY Free. GCutter66 aol. com BRIGHTON MEETING part - 9 Steve and Anthony n with cutter G. Hello Matty to talk again. This is just a short short dress and it is my Little Stevie. Stevie or Steve, who does not prefer the main feature the story of how my own small kitchenby. Steve was the one I 'm not divide n with Baz, Tony and I do not think that he, along..... Well, I I was pretty sure anyway. I think I have the impression that, as I was with Tony and that the work with Baz and Jeremy I have a life fairly, perhaps not even to get a lot of time to me. Not so, Tony had his own friends, Baz had the business and seemed to spend half his life plotting and planning to make money more. I cleaned up the breakfast, and organized the purchase and was in fact very clear since noon. We have dinner , but Baz had prepared a small bar which was a drink that when one of the guests wanted a drink, was not the type of configuration could sit in that down and legs, just a place you could drink n chill out and cheap, more or less the same as the bettors could do at home. Anyway, to me. I want to go trolling through the streets, which is a very Old City of Brighton fillings ( luxury and Rathexpensive ) shops, boutiques, coffee joints and the old stranger. Full of light not girls, students and others, not to mention the usual gay contingent. that I had seen this guy a few times, I suspected he was about sixteen n is undoubtedly higher, and I was always alone. He seemed to spend his Preteen Models life s in one of the cheapest coffees and told him oggling honest. Do not forget, I was still a bonus Jeremy was all utility models and the child is over the pin -up scene I s thoughts on the Nitty Gritty. I think it was probably in the third observation in the same place that I decided to , you should go and try his hand at a bit of recruiting. I danced in, to have a coffee and a bun and very expensive, I plonked down on the the same table as the child. "Hi, mind to share? " " Sure," I glanced at the empty tables. "I do not feel alone. " seemed a little sarcastic, but for my part, Schooly Tony was educated at Thickskin nonroutinew. " I see Preteen Models here in recent days. " I began. " Really? " God, was this going to be hard work, but I do not loosen. " Yes I did," he smiled and frowned back. He was so attractive and revised age fifteen. I wondered if it was inactive in the game, or even met a friend at the cafe, there seemed to lurk a strange place , Pitsville, no slot machines, no music box..... only n a landfill. " You're going to talk? " He made a very pretty face. I looked back and smiled. Now it was a bit too fat. "only at the enterprise level. " "What kind of company ?" His curiosity was aroused, at least. "I work for a photographer, we are always looking for handsome Schoolies n to do some paid modeling jobs. " You'll notice that slipped the word "paid " a is. " Yeah, I bet," he laughed and seemed to relax a little. ' A photographer and what they are sixteen, seventeen? " " In my life, "I am a card pulled out my wallet and put it on. Iis Jeremy the map, in fact, but I had some running to me and name of Tony at the bottom. " That's me, Matthew. ' " Oh, " she looked on the map. " I guess you are one of the porn mafia..... "n looked at me and realize the card put on the table again. " a lot of homosexuals, I think sex has nothing to do with it, "he said. " we have pictures of children or young people in physical and natural sciences and raises pay for the time. If someone wanted more than the pin -up base, go to up to them. " I tell you, it would only be in Brighton or perhaps Amsterdam, we have is a surreal conversation like this. I expected, I tell shit, but he was still drinking coffee and listen. " simplistic," he smiled. " So what is the result. Someone in the trap of pin -ups, slide after a few drinks and the wheel in a dirty old man.... Is that it? " " Come on, boy. Do I look like a pervert? " " Yes, he's doing, "he laughed and spat coffee all over the place. 'No Call Me Baby, Steve " did what he had stopped laughing. I have not tried with a laugh, had a nice smile, and was n always tastiest minute, if you know what I mean, I still felt a twinge in the region bottom. Mr. Dick was interested too. someone to talk to up was a bit new to me, I know, I young builders of the Kroll Gese but again Gese Maybe he had swagger and Kurt Kurt I was a shit to happen. This was something else. " Well, I was looking after my interest, Preteen Models "he decided to come to me n to clean. " I get paid a commission and pay for photography, it is do everyone a favor. " " What you pay, "he said, sipping cold coffee has been a rock n " I will take a cool drink and give you the short axis. "" " Okay, he smiled at me as I hovered for a moment and went to the little bar. Stage One and made powder, so far so good. I looked at him and he looked out the window, maybe it was a naturalborn alone, some people are. I came up with two freshly brewed coffee and reperched (I to sound better than sitting back ). " right", "Stevie....... Steve," she corrected me. "right, Steve. The conclusion is that the first meeting would take less than 2 hours, take a slow striptease until naked and I would take images as we go. In the end, I would to pay twenty pounds, and that would be obtained see what you 've done in the studio computer. After that, the product images are our property and do whatever you want with that...... "What is that? " " Usually we have at our farm, German or Russian contacts and that he would publish in line at different places. " " sites Porny "he said, sniffing. " not basic things pinup. " " I know, "said Pique. " I do not care how noble, you know, artistic things, but I'm on my dick all over the net. What if someone recognizes me in Brighton. " " The chances are one in a thousand, "I bsmooth feeding him the line. "Unless you can have some very Recognised s tattoos or birthmarks or you can specify. Each has a double somewhere so they say. " " Twenty pounds for two hours" he smiled. "Ten pounds per hour, not Willy, not pat..... no? " "treatment :" I held out my hand. We found him and pressed my warm hand. " Maybe a little of that feeling ? " " Maybe," he laughed. That was good, we were good. My first booty..... Vovsi wow. I watched as he finished his drink, he knows very well to OFF or the creamy white sweatshirt and jeans cable, there would need to be to find what you presented in your could strip just completed his street clothes, , but made the assumption that he was ready. " So what are you laughing at photographer husband, a workshop, a small bedroom and cute, " which. I was pretty sure he thought I was trying to scam or n only a junior pervert... Who, me? no, not really n. "We have a study of 10 minutes from here, and I live in Mas a matter onpelier of interest. " " Not far from me, "he smiled. " Well, I said yes, when the great photo shoot ? " as now, the study probably will be clear, either because, my friend catch someone. " ' trapped? " " Just one word: "I smiled," He loves children. " " And why not?. " He laughed, I think I would have rated well and truly but again things would hardly pinup boy and a raging heterosexual now n " I like the older boys, Stevie : I " gave him a smile. ' Steve ', he corrected me again. "Let 's Matthew or Matt? " " whatever, " I got up and that was all we were in our off. N walked through the study of Jeremy, who was well aware that Jeremy left for a week and also that Tony was otherwise occupied with Kurt for the day, , at least not to peek paddle and break my action with Steve, if I wanted any action that I doubt he will. ' s my s master plan of what was worth based on striptease and show that how the images came fromThen you pay your money and hope that incentive would be enough to end my game that have been preserved in its progress will be drawers brutally frank. I know that the money was a temptation not Schooly as a score in his sweaty hands full for almost nothing. were there in 15 minutes and took Steve to the study, the eyes of his s everywhere, I guess he thought he was going to get a jump ot a group of angry homosexuals, of course but not, I said, Tony left with Kurt, or not? I went in very nervous until it feels and gave him a Coca -Cola from the fridge, I could see little by little relaxing. So far so good. " Let's do business in the kitchen," he told the way it cools. "It may be on work surfaces and therefore, I will study material, , which is so impersonal. " " Until bossboy " smiled a little unsure. " Relax, do not worry: " I saw him ready to relax, "I promise faithfully , not feeling " OK ".. " " Well, he laughed. "Even after recording " I said with a smile. "Kick the coach, go to socks his pants. " that was made so little obedient model, he said, despite the fact that s probably not as big as me, if as bulky. I think if I was OK that was built thin, I do not call him fat and lean, to have a little pride left. I grabbed the camera and took him to the kitchen. " What I do is a basic striptease..... easy? " " You better take me," to swallow, I think his decision was faltering. N " OK. No problems. Suface Kneel on the job and give me a nice dress bum shoot. " "You're a clown," he laughed. " I'm serious..... do. " " OK, OK", chuckled and climbed, and was the first image. I damn spent a lot of pictures, but who cares with a digital camera. removed his shirt showing a super smooth upper body, not muscular, but in adolescence instead of youth, if you follow me. It has opened a couple Preteen Models of those fields with pants hanging and displayIng a couple of absolutely horrible gray Y fronts with a wait of red tape. The pants went and I was behaving like a mountaineers up on the furniture in it in a big way. asked him to give me smiles constantly, but not to laugh like a hyena. " is ready my mind Give me Dirty Little ". I wanted to say, his underwear down to connect " is very simple," he said sadly to me and gave me a nice little smile. " Howzat. " " You look good. Now lose the pants. " "right. " " Let's make some underwear to connect with you, give the punters a bit of meat. I want to look like or just wish they had. " " How 's that? " he gave me a hot sexy look that was the flood falls baba s my mouth, I could have eaten at the same place. N " Perfect. " " No, Willy," he said. " OK, do not worry. We'll be attractive to the middle and then we'll do some of you are naked, but sexy tablecloth covered with this thing. " n "Naked ? n " view, but with privatelittle cover. " " OK ". I knew that was the sticking point, which was determined to be n parts not flash and I wondered if he has a small penis or maybe it was extremely shy. I know the schools seem to discourage communal showers today, but a naked body is only one body, after all. what I had lots of children and young flesh seen in recent months, but I suspect it was all a bit new to him. I took the pictures of him with his underwear down addicted, semi -bum shot (actually half -cheek ), and that was it. n "What I can do with it? " He pulled the blue plastic tablecloth. " It is just sitting there with dumped in the lap of the family nude Jewels. " " Viewing " He complained about me, as he peeled his underwear gray on the long legs of his s " Do you have it all:. "I tried not to look. " There is nothing to be ashamed admits, " smiled when I read the fastest flash of an uncircumcised penis, which was well received a par, a group Bush beautiful dark pubic hair in the background, a good meat handful looking slightly excited. was blockedody great. He sat for a moment with the tablecloth in his lap and accumulated gradually calms. 'OK ? ' He gave me an unattractive smile. " excellent. " I took a few photos and it was time for the final. "I Do you want to stand and use the tablecloth as a toga. A nice flash thighs and a little bare bottom. " OK. "He got back and gave me a flash before covering clumsy , plastic on the shoulders, I could have sworn that his penis was thickening have and the extension, but maybe that was an illusion. " no, no, " I have the camera and before I could stop I grabbed the tablecloth and does a better job than I had on the screen. Preteen Models " There you go, " smiled at me. " I was not hurt, he did. " " No ", blushed, and drew his sensual lips. He looked beautiful. I have preferred, naked, but sometimes a little excitement works great. The real blue plastic in the way of his lightly tanned legs and shoulders, that n dream of a child..... maybe a childhood dream, but who cares. Give me "a few luxuries and that's all. " He did not laugh, knowing that I have a couple of classic shots of the vagus of his derriere young, I always felt stiff in my jeans, that was a miracle that he has noticed but they are very close to the step n. were " All Steve did. Thanks for your time. " N " I thank him for payment," he laughed. " Any chance that the shower, ' nodded in the direction of Jeremy toilet and bath. " It depends if I have to wash your back. "N " You can wash my face, " he laughed and ran to the bathroom I get a tantalizing glimpse of his youth riding high then as it was. no, that's all, it was necessary to ask twice. I was like a vampire when is an invitation that was like a rocket. He had been invited and I was free to accept. Time for play. n I went into the bathroom greeted by a sight I remember for long. Steve was inside and the water was running the back straight for the bread and then gently rounded windowNo long legs. " Oi " he said, shouted, as my hand slid on his buttocks wet them an n to gently press. The period of the turn and came Preteen Models face to face with his penis now semi -erect and probably not very far at full capacity. There was massive n but was not fully grown, the five inch foamy wave , but probably mattered. " Is this what you wanted," he murmured. that can be curved and slightly damp grape ballsac its axis with my company of other s hand. " Yes, I will," he smiled and squeezed the water from your hair, all traces of was missing from his shame. Gently push the hand of my s slow. " So much for Mr. Right. " " Nothing moved towards the adoption of a straw," he laughed at me. "Want to hop in n ? " Her eyes avoided mine, as did his bid. " What to do with your clothes on? " I gave a small smile. " No, not the clothes," she murmured. "I 've seen, I want to see. " " OK". I pushed through the curtain and I took off my clothes, I he always bustd to view rest of me, than he! It was hard as as a rock, and it would be difficult for him, not simply turn around and plunder his ass a little soap, but could not. If it was Kurt, or had been Tony n in a ferret as a top or bottom of a hole, but not with Steve I I think it was worth the wait. Do not get me wrong, I was still very in love with my Bazman but Steve was my age, and what is bad with two friends ? I slipped in the shower and went in " By God," he laughed nervously. "This is huge," apparently referring to my ​​penis, despite getting my head after this observation was the same way. " Not as nice as yours, but:" He took me to their environment - high meat, and found that heat and solid core who have worked more than the foreskin gradually return. "I knew you were going to do that," He closed his eyes and put his hands on my shoulders. ", invited me, after all," I whispered, bending over me, and stroked his neck and soap. ".... not "What he said and didn't agree with what he did. Moved feed me even more and now fully hard cock between my legs and stretch hard to get around and pressed her young company s cheeks. " Jeeeezus....... " It was hard to hear, it seems very difficult to move spikes between the stomach and I began to pass between the legs. "Kiss me. " " No," he wailed, his face, but still slow between my shit feet buried. God, I could put it there and then, I was so frustrated. was in the mouth, but still slow, trapping your body that my head out of his throat over her smooth shoulders, then click in your nipple. " crazy ", he laughed and he Preteen Models put in my hair when I was a hard nipples I moved to the other. 'Amazing ' that pointed to his nipples erect and then shuddered when I moved back a little more free, its hardness and kissed in the sternum and then gently rounded belly, he knew what was coming n. " No, please, Matty," he asked, but his heart was not there. I cupped his balls of soap and water and let my lips the length of his throbbing cock and then recorded it and keeps to the left of my tongue over her tasting cut seminal fluid salinity. All systems, Matty Boy. I looked up in the water in the shower, but her eyes were closed and lowered his head. I took his young cock in my mouth and he was trembling sigh n , as his hands gently tousled my wet hair. A moment later, she was n moves slowly forward and backward in my mouth and I was grabbing her butt firm tense muscles and enjoy the ultra softness of its flanks, soapy water. I s he was in heaven and he was not too far, even by the hardness of the rock n his erection slowly in the mouth. "Could not run on a minute," he gasped, and now that was fucking my face. I had her soft thighs and tried to take as much as I could, I was his slick and juicy beats feel Acorn my choke point and then has n gave a groan. the following was that I could feel his hard cock and jerk blast to flyt thick creamy boy sperm injected into the back of my throat. For God, who has cum good, I do not know the last time you had a straw, but swallowed and swallowed like a madman trying to lose. Finally, I gave s last Litle sucking and kissing a little and it started to soften. I put a with him and took his young body, firm stroking my head on his the shoulder to the neck. " Kissy, kisses," she whispered, and felt his lips on the side of my neck. "It taste like soap," he laughed nervously. " flavor is wonderful," I replied, as the cake I am. We stood in the hot shower with the water and bounce on our bonce seen every others. "You want me to come to relax a bit and relax. " " Why not ?" I looked for a moment and smiled. N "I've never talked by a child before. " " is a first time for everything, Steve: " I grabbed her sides and soap n and this time she kissed him full on the red lips. He sqwark strangled and then to my surprise melted into my arms and RETURned the kiss. I blinked my tongue in her mouth firmly attached, but it was n ready for him probably thought I had just sucked dry and can n to get an idea of their own medicine in a manner of speaking. within my head as I left the shower and dried, went home me, and what that means? I wanted more work? Were you alone or bored I wanted to play more? Who knows ? I did not care, just wanted to go with the flow , he was relaxed and now, when I played it cool I could have won a new girlfriend. If I continue sucking his cock as anything was, but I thought it was time for sorrow and eventually it. saw that I put their Preteen Models photos on a CD and leave a copy with Jeremy a short note, which was basically my account for me and for my payment to Steve. Jeremy was pretty good and I was not worried by customers. We then walk the street talking with a little more and know more on the other. Apparently, it was stillin school and the reason that it is Carriles was that his best friend had left the city he left a little to a loose... I guess my stroke of luck. He only lived about three blocks away that more good news. He had a younger brother 12 years old, but not paying attention, I was enjoying his company that amd up. " What is it then? " " Oh, not me. " I do not really know what to say, I told him directly that I came to in the summer months and began to Bastian involved and things had gone from there. I told him about the bed and breakfast, close to Tony and Kurt. I will not go into details, but I'm sure your imagination can Fill in the blanks. " You have your own room at the zoo you have? " He laughed when I left entertain. "Half of a living reality," he admitted. "Baz was one of the bedrooms on the ground floor out so I could sleep in peace, and if I wanted to have my own partition Squares. " " And if you feel the need you can come up with Bastian ot? Tony " The explored. " If I feel the need. " " Do not cook or anything about this later, right? " " No. We do not usually have breakfast in the afternoon, " I informed a bit dry. " When you have to be home? "I quickly changed the subject. " about seven years, for dinner with the family. " " Ah, four hours, "I looked at my watch n " Do not be fooled, sexy, "he smiled. I smiled back, had called I " sexy" After all, did my ego in the world of good. I still wonder if a regular, point or just maybe a little teaser was a Schooly anything adventurous. Let's face it, we made ​​the move to planets. Perhaps in order not to me but. " So you want to pop in a while? " Speak No Soup for the distinctive, whist the iron. " Why not," he shrugged, then laughed. " I'm dying to see what their next will move. " " Are you? " " Damn Right, Tonto," he laughed. N " The last update was not too bad. " "I have to do something better than" I smiled and walked. Just to makand the day I was alone when Bastian arrived, as usual, in which from the kitchen to check the bills. It was curious, Steve, but not excessively interested if you know what I mean. He knew he had a bit on the side n and again, and I knew very well that he did the same. At the end of the day we were partners, and every bit TIFF files invented before. We have n in Well, that was not the most difficult to treat cramping styles of each. There s always a temptation, jealousy and bustle of a partner, but it is difficult to judge if it matches I asked Steve and Baz said he had a job to Jeremy, no Baz obviously knew what the result and not interfere. I think he was happy You see me with someone other than the local slut and Kurt Tony Schooly of hell. I told Steve I Matty down to relax and he knew exactly what he meant. " looks Preteen Models like a nice guy," Steve said as he followed me through the basement n. "It's one..... m friend. " partner," I corrected. " We're kind of confederation rather than a covenant , if you know what I mean. " " No," laughed Steve. "I have no idea what they over again. " " Whatever. Baz I have mine and yours. " "What is yours at this time, Matty ? "Steve paused, when I opened the door in my room, or Preteen Models rather half of my room. " Well, if you do not like naked before the camera, maybe going to be a little private closest. " "I was in the shower was not I? "Steve followed me and eyeballed instead. "Humble, but at home, I suppose, " took in the narrow space, messy bed and other trash, broke the old A television, radio and CD player much better and a small refrigerator. Drink cold " ? " " Love" Steve looked at me and sensually licked her upper lip. No to see if he knew it or not, but he became big. " Pity not spend the night. " "You may have to bribe me," I looked up and smiled. ", how? ' " Well, " dropped to ontor bed. "I know what you're looking for. Maybe you want to something so good ? " ", for example? " I gave him a leg can and sat alongide to the leg. " You know..... ' hesitate. " What I'm saying is I'm not here s the only way to create a powder and then Stevie boy..... sayonara " What you're saying. You want a relationship," I laughed, I was a little unfortunate, given the circumstances. " No, fuck, no," he snapped at me and I thought for a moment, that burn.. " Fuck, fuck by strong perfect" Why not say, "The blunt as a brick," I leaned forward and kissed him on the nose candy. " " I gently pressed my lips against his, but kept his mouth closed. "I would like to have their babies. " my ​​tongue slid into her mouth when she laughed, and we were back in the one in the shower. "You 're a clown, Matty," he said finally that out. "But I do fancy stuff..... you know, biz. " " So I can Sweetcheeks. Can you stay? " Give us a call, you can bell that " s, gave me a this looks sexier than had done so well on camera. " in an hour or so I is always difficult. " " Goody " He pulled my head in the crotch of her white lace and stroked the fork as a stray. He was right, he was hard again, but it was so I n "I bet you would get the hump when I've done this," he muttered. " not really. " sat grinning from ear to ear and pushed me onto the bed. One Preteen Models time later, his face was in the groin and can run after my. Press and snuggled up to her face and her mouth against my package. " Want to try it naked," I said sheepishly ask, how far he wanted to go. "sounds good naked," he smiled , to my relief. I'll remember for a long time, the basement rooms that God awful sloppy and a dirty bed. the only good thing was the body Preteen Models of Stevie, as n slowly pulled his body child and attracted me. for now, I in love, I knew I was not in love with me, who had some kind of program maybe he wantedTips on how to be a partner in the pants to get, but not care. I wanted her young body, and I want desperately needed. "Are you sure you want to do this? " He murmured, while her sweet lips fell on my tongue licked her nipples and said tightening knots. " Stop playing hard to get, Matty. You know, you have the focus on me," , said smiled and dropped his hand around my erection and slowly pull it worked round and then dropped his head. By God, I almost fainted when I was n and take experimental lick, a round and then her lips closed around my acorn took a gentle suction. " It tastes good, smells Cummy," he chuckled, and then the mouth on me, and her lips began to slowly move up and down my ​​shaft and scrotum swayed. I knew that was leaked, but remained for me to warn you, your gentle aspiration led me to the edge. ' s to ejaculate, Preteen Models Stevie. " Do not leave floating on the head straight down and told me her deepthroat nose buried in my pubics. I wentlong bursts of milk sharp creamy boy and just eating and swallowing, as if making an effervescent pop. Even has squeezed me dry, licking the end I dribble a wicked grin my belly. " Tastes a little yeuchy " he smiled. "Must be an acquired taste. " threw on the bed and spit it changed the taste of my own semen on the lips of his s, and finally cooled and stood there in that little room hugging each other and whispering words of love. " Remember me to stay all night? ' " Natch. " ", I thought, as soon as your swing, you may lose the interest received. " " There is more to come, "he said in a whisper dramatic. " I babies. " " We want the baby, " teeth gently bit her lower lip. " I n to call home. " " Carry On, E. T. The phone is correct. " Talk about a tissue of lies. The thread got out of his father or perhaps the mother of his s was a figment of his imagination from beginning to end. Obviously, I was an old school friend who had moved to London and thenOnce again, we n been friends forever and ever, blah, blah. I almost believed it himself at the end of it, it goes without saying that you have their permission, and we put for the night. All I had to do was convince my imaginary father the arrangement and acting skills to confirm my name Baz. I was not sure how to take Bazman wanted, but could only to say no. "Anyway, Stevie... One for the Road". "A what ? " Looked confused. ", one of them. " He kissed me gently Flath AND chest and abdomen smooth soft rounded just above his semi- erect penis. " Oh, no. Not again " gave him a mock- complain and played with my hair when I took his hardening meat in her mouth and gave a long and slow. all capacity I was able to and he groaned and moan as he fucked my mouth. God was so delicious I could have eaten him in the act. The idea of what might happen if we had been alone at night used up my cock hard again. "Let me run, Matty, " was asking increasingly looked to the edge I his balls softened by its firing position and stop with the sucking. " OK, I had hips narrow and the city was to be rewarded for jets and jets of his sperm child. For a child of 15 years did very runs awesome, so he promised for the next night. In the long run, we got dressed and I have duly presented to Stevie Baz, n was very happy to make the call, which surprised me a bit, but again, maybe he had his own "little adventure" somewhere. only to ruin my day, young Tony and Kurt rolled up with another stranger in the trailer. The boy was only fourteen, and I think when he left Baz disappeared. The new boy named Max and all the other the circumstances, I believe him, but the priority for Stevie at least for now. I think right now I have a little angry when Tony looked a little more attention to Stevie. Mayb jealouss but not very happy about it. Free love is fine, but there is a time and place. it s more a case of "my nickname not chicken, pricked. " At the end I think that spent about an hour or so the height of the boys, called in some pizza, had a brief conversation, until Baz again and then split end. " Hey, is nine clock now," said Stevie, because downstairs clonk a my room. "What we do 'til bedtime ? " Watch TV, a little music, a Snog ? " " figures, "he laughed. " Dim lights, soft music and romantic, and the Matty always cold, so. "not bad yourself, loverboi. " " When Baz is your partner, you have to be considered for a lover, or is n only once and a quick fuck ? " " there's nothing like Stevie. "I was against the wall, just in the living room of my belly to belly " is, what you have, but certainly want n \\ \\ not just once... at least I hope not. " " Let's see, " he gave me the sensual side again. "Let's get into it, is Wind that here. " that took him in and closed the door, I've even fired in what has always been a little cold. We launched at night. I have the televison n and was the standard achieved manure, but none of us were in bed every taste the other's lips. we both knew what we wanted and that was mutual. Baz had s been my teacher, so I just assumed I knew what I had to Stevie let have time just to prove he was not joking, and then, if the teacher worked the plan, I would take. pretty basic plot, but vowed to Baz. Tony agreement that has always the new guys have the first stitch in a way that Speak Kurt.... Kurt and I have always liked just Shagged Me. "TV is crap," he muttered after 10 minutes of strokes. " Are you saying early to bed ? " " Yes, a little cold here. We want to be hotter in bed. "In fact, it was nice n cozy, but I would not argue with him. " We will see naked, " I laughed and lunged at him. Five minutes later after a n a lot of touching and hugging in bed, naked andhuddled together. "As an old married couple," smiled Steve, like rubbing your stomach and erections slipped against each other. "Nobody is going to come bursting into the same. " " No, " I stroked his sides without problems. "Not once have I made ​​the " Do Not Disturb " at the door. " "I've never noticed, mind blocking help," smiled and gently stroked I move my foreskin back and forth over my glans hard sponge. "I've never thought we would end up here like this," closed his eyes, when in silence kissed her cheek hairless and lapped at the corners of the mouth. N "pervert," said kis turned to me and hugged more, if that was possible. " Gawd," I pushed down and put my now fully erect cock between legs attached hard at it and she sighed as she took each of his buttocks and squeezed and rubbed tip of the soft and delicious yet elastic of meat. He rolled onto his back and pumped gently between your soft thigh and the complement that was rubbing his own erection betweenour stomachs. " Dontcha Want ?" His voice trembled. " Yes", who could barely speak, but the council Baz came to mind : Showing the belief the first thing to be a rookie. A ride fast, and he was in the beginning, a little was one of the typos, and its hardness was between my legs and my hardness trapped among our bellies. "I've never done this before you have. " "No," his voice broke. "There are some things under the pillow, make sure you are well lubricated to before hitting the damn thing in me. " "very romantic", he laughed and then looked disappointed when I opened my legs n and took my knees to your chest again. Of course, all this was the leaves , so it did not spare my acually exposed, but it occurred to me. A smile on her face to her knees and took the hose half I slipped free. " It's not crazy, just the button oil and put a stain on my hole. " " Yeucherooni, " pulled a face, but he did what was said. " tender lover boy... and go and take your time. We have all night. " The wa ssn't been great, at least it was not as big as Baz, and was not large compared to to me. A respectable size, the size of Tony, Preteen Models Tony if I could I could handle Stevie handle. How bad can it be, I would certainly not very clear in my n instructions. "..... Yow ! ' ' Sorry, sorry, sorry " he stammered, dropping my legs and Flath AND belly tense. " The fuckin ' hurts, Stevie, who is not fuckin harpoon the whale, you know. " threw to me and his penis was soft against my Sandwich in the abdomen. "For the love of Christ, take it easy. " N " I thought they were there," he murmured, and looked at me eye of the eye. " I'm sorry. " " Slow down, nice and smooth. We have sex, not rape each other," I stared at him and smiled weakly, had really hurt, and he had not even penetrated me to talk about a less locking. "Listen. Locate and then gradually to a will stop when I tell you. " "Sorry," he muttered over and slowly knelt on the bed as he pulled my hind legs. This time I hIPS if they tried again n attacked little RAM. I felt his button oil on my back door and only gentle pressure was on me. " Damn..... ' sighed, feeling that my heat was swallowed, smiled at a smile I knew he was on the right track. " Yes , I can Preteen Models pat his back as he slowly slid his entire body in any of the old and out of our Stevie, just a long, slow a bright pulse against my child distribution ring and curled pubics \\ \\ n down on his hot cock. The child was a way to duck Broken Speak. Talk about mixing metaphors cricket. "that orrite ? " They suffocated. " I'm living, I replied curtly, pulling the head down. " Give me children Stevie. " " Tosser, "he smiled and began to move slowly in and out and kisses sliding her wet tongue in my mouth. I loved it, I kept her narrow hips in case you missed excited and allow you to fuck your little heart out. that liked it, loved it, I could see the smile on his faceit again more before the night was, but before it happened what was mine. It was pretty fast, but it was his first time, after all, I hope your was the main objective of the cum as fast as he could, and after some comments and sweaty n kissing did. It is likely that the flood had not expected, but he shot his lightning twice before and it was a long night. " Yes.. " I sighed with satisfaction as he felt his hardness and smooth slip could fel Boyjuice between their cheeks and liquid inside me.. Hey, hey, Mr. Satan. At last I have someone in bad shape, but the best was n to come. "It was fine, he asked nervously ?". Of course it was Sir rabbit, " I assured him, stroked his sweat glistening sides.. ". " He laughed and kissed my nose. " Flattery anywhere. " " I hope so, "which rolled to that observed in the Preteen Models bed below me, and and began to kiss her sweet lips around on his belly. He completed opened his eyes and legs as quickly as he slid mand pain growing between her thighs gentle nudges my hard cock in her soft scrotum. " You're so tough," he sighed. " So big. " Preteen Models He opened his eyes and was surprised to see the gleam of tears. " Do not hurt me. Matty. N " It is not necessary to do this. "I hated myself, as I said. N " I want... with you, " he whispered, a slight blush came over his face n. " But I will not be violated. " " OK, then. Stevie, to go on your page and attack me from behind. " " clown, "he laughed, but voluntarily withdrew from me and I crouched close behind him, pressing my hardness in his tight buttocks tight. n " Relax," he said ay tube baby oil into two streams fingers. I put it between their cheeks and gasped for air, but then Preteen Models relaxed n and even laughed when massaged forgiven his fingers and fell so in it. " If you call Dr. Matty " she moaned, and shot almost as if moved back to my probing digits. brat sexy "" I bit the back his the neck and smiled as he gave a little scream as I fed with two fingers, and found his prostate. " Jeeeez... " he sighed, and then relaxed as my fingers massaged that acorn n and loosened the ring virgin. He was on the edge. That was the test. I was a little worried, I know my cock is a little on the big man and he was much more less than it was, he believed what he had said that is a virgin. People lie, but I think Stevie was real. fingers stretched back and left him wincing as my cock oiled slowly slid between her cheeks, I stood with one hand and grabbed the penis of her own s with the other. Glory to the Father, he was always difficult, a good sign Matty Boi her. "AAAA", complained and felt a tremor give him his ring. That was it. that lamented, as it gave a kick and I nearly fainted with its narrowness and its heat and was now quite difficult. "Matty, it feels like a bloody log n large. " " How many minutes had the ass then," I said as I slowlymind moved to back and try not to leave the beautiful child. ", a phrase," chuckled and pushed. "I do not feel so bad. " I know, Preteen Models I know he was natural, was as hard as a rock and I was still now move freely. It was just pushing and pushing is slowly filled his body with my sweet childhood. He took the game of your erection and enjoy. "Yes," sighed as my sweat belly at last contact with the lower back, and spoon Jr. Mr. Matt together tightly and completely enclosed in his will of meat. N "I hate the sound of tarty, but it feels good. " 'Well, he turned on his stomach and crawled between her legs and pressed into compact sets makes the feelings in my weight. I put my arms either part of his torso and moving slowly, and only a little, not crazy. " Oooooh," shivered and pulled his head around. I kissed the sloppy of his mouth and started moving a little faster. " Yes, more' The groaned and pushed up to meet my impulses. I took my time, besides enjoying sex with him, I wanted him good and relaxed to be honest, want to beat your teeth shaken until my second visit. As the n is for far-sighted. " Oooooooh," said chirped again, as he slipped out, and then returned to his ring now slippery and loose. I did it twice, and asked me to stay in. "You're ruining my ass," he chuckled as he pushed to my meetings demanding. I could not take it anymore, with wild enthusiasm that dug deep and hard to get my juices boiling and then the sense relase as surge protection is low after wave of my gravy blessed in what he \\ \\ n narrow passage. "Oh, my God," he sighed and pressed the bottom as she slid injected deep into the final and was glued to the back. " Orrit ?" He squeezed my ear and then kissed him, he lifted his head round n. ", overwhelmed me," he smiled warmly and Preteen Models tried a sloppy kiss. "You are an animal " " And the night is youngWas: "I remember. The evening can be relatively young, we went to their doing, all the usual things that do not in bed, we moved, we troke each other and we kissed two erections again... n " Gawd, it's so hot here," he said and smiled at me complaining pressing the linen to the belly. " complained it was cold, an hour ago, Preteen Models " I reminded him. " I know, " chuckled. " I just want to see you, "I pushed the bed even further, and we were naked together in the heat. the fire was always still in it and was pleasantly surprise there. No, correction... It was fuckin nice n strong laying there with Stevie thin form for which was at my side and his incher five begging attention. I took a little sticky Spike was left without his foreskin and smooth and forth over his penis. n "Do you want seconds? " " getting by ", he laughed and rolled on its slide over it stiffness between his legs again, I'm satisfied with your sweet caress ass, even as he moved slowly forward and backward In and out. " sticky wicket batting," he recalled. " Go," her face fucked. " You are sucking disgusting slob," smiled s anyway and twisted by his sweet, as my fingers ran up and down his crack sweat easily. "Come on, Matty," he whispered. "I'm hard over again. " As if I did not know. I felt his cock between my legs and I kissed her slow and long before lifting the knee and lead Preteen Models once more to kneel. " Calm down, nice and smooth, " I whispered, as he stands and I felt his swollen cock in my well-used slip ring. No slight pressure and him in me and I smiled when I felt to fill your child's body begins me. newts kiddy flesh... I love it. At the moment, I loved him, I Stevie. ................................................... History of Steve. Matty still in office who can not Steve, but he thought that little should be with our history. Finally, it was not until I met and spent his first night did the courage of his lust for his progress brother. Well, it's all your Steve. Hello, readers. Steve says, playing Matty. Saturday morning and saw the world a little differently, I did not everything was rosy and romantic, but things had changed. I had one night with Matty and I love it. Yes, we had the dirty fact number one..... We Shagged Me. With mixed feelings and a little scared I leave it to me. I had wanted to be fair and I liked it, but most important is that want to see what it was. I thought I would be very painful, and dirty, but no cover and s not enough, we thought it was more or less overnight. I know him three times and he hit me twice..... How is that of records. surprisingly not feel enough shame, my ass hurts a little and my cock felt like a paste , but that was it. I do not announce before the fact, that was for sure. I went back for more and I was sure that I liked, and I was I will dot again. The small cloud on my horizon was my younger brother, Antonio, I believed him n a bit and thought I was going crazy. Love your brother now, is evil. But there was something there, and I do not think it was a on the one hand, I think he had the hots for me and this weekend could be the crux of the is the crucial point, the crucible, which -. bloody history I promised that on the eve with Matty on Friday night, but I do not want my parents always suspicious and do not want your boss or lover Bastian Matty I get a dose of the hump. I knew that I was in love like Bastian n with Matty. On the other hand, I knew I liked Tony, but it seemed Tony believes it. Kurt, Kurt, Kurt Daffy Duck, which was quite nice n and I would not mind to spend some time with him, he was a bit younger than me, but I liked it, and that big goofy smile n \\ \\ these lips from it. God, that I could aspire to death every day. A bit of a minefield that place, but that's okay, I was going to appear around and see Matty in the middle of the week and stay Friday, until then I had to think a little Anthony. My little brother. Anthony was twelve. I hear the cries of horror now. The facies perverted his brother 12 years old... yadah, yadah. I know, , but can not be avoided, their desires, how's that for a very elegant English. I thought Anthony, all that Tony mentioned, but I called just to annoy ant him, I could have loved a little more than a brother... Of course you do. I wanted to kiss it all, I wanted to lick to death. I tried sucking small pasta and wanted me..... well, you all know what I wanted to do. I would go all the way, 12 o is not. I was in love with Anthony. I had for a year or so, and I had is a feeling that I believed. Now, perhaps an illusion, but is the funny looks he gave me from time to time and the fact that every time I wanted to move or changeIt seemed float. We had separate rooms and there was absolutely no reason seemed to explode on me every five minutes. It seemed his time arrival to always turn off when tightening or when he n and then I feel like a hawk. Strange or what? any case, Matty told you about Friday night and I watch now. Saturday Night Live. On Saturday night my relationship with the new definition of eternity little Anthony. My parents were not going to spend the night with my friends ( to affected that we Baz, to play dad on the phone). But it was a compromise, as I found n out Saturday morning, when I got home, like a shipwreck. "I hope you're not drinking with these companions of you," my mother Preteen Models observed, for example, Anthony and I are fed. "can Nah, I do not drink," I mumbled through a mouthful of food. " Well... not talk with your mouth full," Mom continued. "Your father forgot to tell you we are far from the night, and we must maintain a view of the Monsterr. "She was, of course, preferring to my brother. looked with surprise, that it once was usually a nurse, I have come of age in more ways than one. the ant saw me with s a big smile on his handsome face. "We will not be back until eleven o'clock on Sunday, " moved the mother and father entered in the room. "You can not leave, if you take Anthony and I really do not want to do that," my father took the call. " One night, not damage. " " Yes, that's fine by me. "I had a vague plan in my head about the baby brother, but This task of babysitting would be removed everything from the ice, a before the stove in a manner of speaking. Her home and the child Bratfink everything to me in one night, a night and a little earlier. that s now or never, would never have another opportunity like this. OK "for me too, "he imitated Anthony and told him to shut up by the " Rent. After a late breakfast, I went to my room, which had n a SNOOZe, or maybe even the music a bit quieter, I had to build my strength , I was completely out, no wonder, after a night Shagged n with Matty. I have a combination of both the radio very calm and relaxed failure in bed with eyes closed, not asleep, but not too n away from him. " Hey, hey, brother," I heard cackling Mini sting to skip to the end of the bed. " Diddums is tired? " " Shut up, Munchkin. I told you to call before bursting into me, I'd been busy. " " Yes, to do what? " Chuckled. " The usual? " I washed a couple of weeks back memories, as I had almost" caught in the is. You know what I mean? I had just finished and was going to pop in, as I Clean my belly, which could save the situation, despite the fact that knew... The little bugger did well. " I have a little headache. " I did not know they are not used for a while. "Who is this new friend of yours, then. 's You did last night ? " N " No one but a child left the school in thefirst year. " " So how come he is a friend of yours, then? " 'Go, Ant, and go play with her dolls. "" " Yes, he mocked. " Better than playing with his cock, "he said very clearly avoided my ​​foot when I got behind him. " Of course, they were probably using your new friend. " " You're just a little bad lawn with a mind like a sewer. " " Yes, yes. Do not swear at me, I will tell the father. " He was smiling. " However, is just you and me tonight, "he laughs, and gave him his shot from another room n. I closed my eyes again, I do not know what should be the last comment means, but certainly know that this night would be. I fell with different visions of big cock and ass Matty immaculate white mixed with images of the last time I saw the ant was naked tight ass and little willy the was a bit on the small side but had a fascination with itself. When things n I went well, perhaps even a glimpse of him in the bathtub at night n I would have to go until I saw Matty once again. I really VHAand like the ant in my bed naked and willing, but to be honest, I did not know what to do with it. I could not catch him, he was my son s brother, for God's sake. the afternoon of Saturday was omitted because it was a rule in our house, but we have for them at night with a healthy dinner or supper at six hours, the " rents were about seven, and Ant and I n our ownsome. will control the night would be a drag, but loved not whining, just like my Friday night to hang my \\ \\ n ongoing good behavior. If someone deletes my notebook would be the little brother from hell well, it all ends well, as shakes -.. What he said goodbye to the " rent and we were on our own. My advice to take care of Anthony, his snack before bedtime, not to fight and to make sure I had a bath and brush your teeth before shaking your car. That's a thought, flew over my head. He made a straw, I had no idea. It was he could cum twelve sor maybe, maybe not. After thinking about it, there was very little he knew of the my ​​brother on a personal level. He had his friend and I had mine, it is as if they 're a lot Preteen Models together when we are with the rents were. Just had the sneaky feeling that he was " available", but could be wrong. I could be reading and language bad sub ​​teen body. I to be very careful, we had no idea what we might call a friend to go , but I did not want what little we had to destroy. "What 's on TV ?" He sat on the couch as soon as Mom and Dad s were coming. " old shit. " " good turn," he laughed. " Do you have a decent DVD ? " has a couple of oldies Matty gave me. " Who is Matty? The new work from you? " Old friend "" followed by appearances. "I was surprised he did not remember the for a couple of years, but you were a little boy on the team. " N " I guess," he said sadly. " So, what is cinema? " " He gave me two. " Actually, I had borrowed Matty three, but the third was in Castilloand the key was in my room, not the young arseache hell s get it to look... at least not yet. "Armageddon, and an old Friday the thirteenth. " N "They're both old," sniffed the ant. "I do not mind seeing one on Friday, love a bit of blood. " "better behave otherwise, you can see, some things short. " " Ya, ya, ya, "he sang, but his heart was not there. We were in front of the n television and in some children Setla tasty ( woops, girl ) to see always sacrificed. I turned the lights, so it almost was, I knew Anthony peek out between her fingers and of course five minutes after the movie it was. " Whatta Woosie " " asshole" n "Attention, the ant would send him to bed. " N "You and what army ? " Gawd it was so familiar, so familiar, it was blood boring. I n just keep ignoring the movie and watch Anthony think about it, Matty, Matty, and Matty Dick big chubby white vague. Grrrr. How surprisingly enough slid the couch AntmanI pushed against one of n and curled it was very uncharacteristic of him. He kept looking through his fingers like little cakes that. " Want to watch Armageddon? " " If you do not mind, this is a little higher. " He muttered. " Do it then," I gave him a shove, and fell to the tape n the eyes to the screen chaos. I took the opportunity to study their s down little tight, as he reached down and changed the discs. I know he was only twelve, and he was my little brother, but I felt a twinge down down. Matty must have awakened in me urges, perhaps buried in the past. I would really have something to do with the ant, I'm not sure why, but it could. sat on the couch as Armageddon started rolling. I liked this n for music, but still, I noticed that he kept close to me which is unusual. "You're the only one then: " I put my arm around the shoulder. " Sorta," he smiled at me. "It's good to be fraternal for a change. " N "I guess I did not know whereThis was all because most of the ot unlike the ant, the little brother from hell. " " With the current, I muttered a I n "What? " " Nothing dear brother", I kept my arm around him stronger. "Bath and bed after that. " " OK". Gawd, now there was a struggle for the book. The answer, to do anything no. " This friend of yours... " He began. " Where do you live ? " " to the street, Montpelier. He works at a bed and breakfast to cook n and a girl for everything. N " " Oh, he has their own room, then? "N " Of course, I could not sleep for more could I " had to answer cautiously little prick leads to something. "share the bed with you ? " I looked at all the small business na innocence. "If men... We are not a big problem. " " Mmmmm. " "What is the cost? I asked. \\ \\ n Preteen Models " was the last time I sleep with you, she launched an attack. "N " Oh yeah, 10 years old, denting the bed and farting all night. By God, it was a night to remember. " " was not my faultMamas Kitchen - was, "he laughed and threw the shoes out and then lift your legs on the couch that was more or less long-term and put her head on my thigh. " I do not mind you doing? " " No, absolutely not. Take anything you like urine, "he neglected his hair tousled black s". How did the trip go to the doctors the other day? " " Do not talk about it, "he said, sniffing. " Terrible I think it was the top of the word and the n all out there a nurse at all times. " " So? " " I bollocky buff, "said screamed. " Naked and slid a finger to lazy.. and gave me an instant stiffy. Jeeezus was, I was so red I thought it tends to fly. may be " " If things could have gone with my mother you. "I tickled the ear of his s, I was able to get peace treaty soon big. " I had a nurse there, he can not get your underwear without a companion, that s of the rules. " " Yes, but it's always difficult... prat and then says something like " not bad for his age " or cringemaking something. " " Poor ant ", I laughhg. "It was probably checking out your prostate, which is as you go. " "pros... What is it? " " The gland that controls your sex life as far as I know. the generated of sperm and all that crap. do not you think this shit in school? "n " you have not heard much the last time, " looked at me. "I sorta wait for the birds and bees lecture mom, dad or even. " " small chance, no chance, " I laughed. " You have to know how everything works, by now, or you're a complete idiot and my baby brother Dimba not sure. " " Well, thanks anyway," he laughed and rubbed his head against my thigh. N "How old must begin to cum? " "about his age, I guess. " There was one from scratch, but at least , the conversation was in the right direction. It was hell follow the film, despite having seen a couple of times before anyway. "I was surprised that does not exude a bit... or at least you. Let s be honest. " " No," it seemed pathetic. "I woke up a couple of times stickybut n ot know anything. " " What do you expect, I laughed. "A Mansiz cum in her underwear. Get real, starts little by little. " " I did the other night, you know," said stretching around aspect of me. I could see it was a little red to darker skin color than s just a little.. and when it was on display in a final that looked like a plum blush badly That was his style of mini " do not have to say, " I kept my eyes on the screen, it worst- a n Rouge is for someone at her. " the fingers of a little hole. " So? " " Zilch, did nothing. " " The finger is not enough, " he said. There speaks the voice of experience. " It is true that you are a long finger or a cock, he goes. " " Yaah, Yaah.... " He turned around laughing nearly suffocated in the n process. " seems to know everything about him then. " " Shurrup. " I rubbed his knuckles on the shaggy head. " I'm trying to be a brother right here. "N " You can be a big brother to do good, if you really tried, "said mutitranslated his English, and sat fixed his beady eyes of the film. " Yes ? " " Yes," he paused, as if to collect his thoughts, so I guess it was. "We You could try using your finger tonight... just a job is a delight. " "And what we get? Not put my finger in his face close to donkey is. " " " I do not know, mumbled and shrugged his shoulders. " I give it a go tonight, we have place to ourselves... Please, please, please. " He gave me one of those looks da when he wants something. Small Antbrat did not know I wanted, as a good thing and something that was out of music called planet every n in my ears, I needed that does not sound too hard, maybe a little shooting foot was a bit restricting the way you play. "Maybe," I saw the movie and did a quick calculation. "Twenty years minutes, bath and bed. I'll make a cocoa or something. " Coke " ? " drinks are not allowed hyper. You will not turn the bed spider. " " I can have a shower instead of a bath? "N " Youwhat you like, " I almost broke. In fact, a shower that is You can always find an excuse to invade a shower, it's a bit difficult with bathroom. Suddenly I realize that dog Breath ant had something in his n mind maybe I was an integral part of your small program that can program. to know that my little Anthony and he was not well, 12 years age n are. Armageddon is near and the wound that made ​​me feel Preteen Models good. For me, Armageddon was a feeling good movie... get it. 'Go and have your bathroom , shower, whatever, Anthony. 'm sort s a a drink. " " Come share the shower... I promised you. " " I do not lying promise. " " Oh, we already know, the water cools, so you need a cold shower or it is, " persevere with child logic. He was right, but if all the world was using the shower for a long, hot water, had declared that father, was the main boiler is too small, it was as simple as that n " You risk then," Preteen Models smiled in your face smart. heI wanted to play, which was n written about it. Well, I wanted to play well, but my games were a little more serious than yours. I wanted it big, his conversation was more or less sealed his fate n. Anthony was a dead duck, local use of speak the street. " Then come," he shouted enthusiastically ran downstairs and barefoot n when he was a hundred yards a shot. I took my time, I did not look so strong that it was also hard. Now One thing is, my little brother 12 years old going for a shower, I a virtual invitation was given to him pop and I'm seriously... have to show something. A sudden thought brought me back to the kitchen and pick something I wanted, then and only then I went to the bathroom. " I can go ?" I left before I was invited, or learned man tells out, had the door ajar, after all left. I could see through the glass of milk from the shower. The first sighting of view of my brother over a year, two more, and that was a little hasz with glass and steam. "You all right there," hit me in the glass. " a little lonely. " I heard a soft laugh. That's it. I was tired of the talk, enough of the invitations of the evening... enough of everything. I was on the edge of the something big, and I knew it. When the ants do not want their language then n and even more, your body language to tighten all, and I was a complete 24 karat idiot. I closed the bathroom door and quickly shed my clothes. "Their loneliness is overnow small, " I pushed the door and got into hot water and grabbed my brother by his wet and soap slicked hips. N " I thought they were in bottles," he muttered, looking at me with a nervous smile on his face. "You're always," he smiled, looked at my increasing rigidity. " The idea of ​​the fingers of your waist, " I smiled back and pushed him to fixed. It is naturally more rapid slid my cock hardening n between our body and even his rigid pega look of my thigh. " You're going to do," he asked impatiently. " I'm going with a finger and see if I can find the magic button " that I hands up and down the slippery back. N " Then I'll try something Preteen Models a little large. " "Not in this life," chuckled and went back to the wall shower. " No, not that, " he smiled reassuringly. "Something to make you harder than the n hard, very hard. S something that could get to spray. " Really ? " that just smiled. I had it, I knew what was most everything else he did, and that n was actually finished. Wanted his own sperm, or puddles to see Splash not matter. I just wanted his own sperm for boys are very the first time. If luck and all that had been collected from Matty worked his s. I would feel I was on the edge, and I wanted to be the to return to its climax. " turn around, I promise not to hurt or a freedom... fair enough? "Okay ", Stevie. I trust you, "he said, serious for once and turned tface or s of the wall of his beautiful 12 years of age are presented below according to their brother admiring glances. It was what we call a Bubble Butt, but for a good solid young athlete. I met with soapy hands over the soft and firm mountains of meat feel a wince, and then relax. " Spread your legs," he said softly, and fell to his knees. I looked through the door of the shower. Well, he had not noticed my sex helps in the kitchen. As I parted her legs between lathered cheeks and I felt my finger slide on your sphincter, but then jumped on his forehead, arms, that posted on the wall tiles. " Then go," he lamented. More than soap, a couple of dummy runs up and down her sweet crack, told I get to work and then I slipped a finger in just the muscle tight squeeze. " Aaaah," groaned and strained and relaxed on the finger as I did, and to look after the small bump. " Aaaaaaaaaa, Stevie," legs tied. seems to me obvious. "This is sostrange, " moved that the n down while pushing my finger in and out rubbing his prostate firmly with every movement. " Gawd, I'm so hard. "N I knew, my hand under him and stroked his scrotum youth and underscored the bottom of the tail bit abrupt. I slowly masturbated , on the one hand and the finger as others took it with pork and let it to experience. not the doctor so far, at least not the way there. I mean nurse fingers moved lightly over her protest small moan is enough to cover the dicklet and balls with both hands to ram n to lick my face against her ass and shoved into his hole as he pushed his cute little butt to me. n "I'm going to die, you dirty boy," she moaned as my tongue licked and probed. n of the ring was relaxed "In a minute. " "? Whatcha do that " I got my back and grabbed the zucchini muttered and pushed his lowest point, pushing the n soap covered pumpkin. " Aaaaah, fuck, "he said, fighting andis distribute the vegetables, but he hugged me and took him to admit his feelings home muscle give it a fixed width in your step virgin. He writhed n little more and tried to suppress muscle contractions, but I thought I AND Flath company and your belly at the same time, he had his cherry to a loss baby marrow and are now being delayed as I get the thing, then, not want to lose everything for the tight little ass. " You are doing well, the ant," I whispered and I got up from his kisses slippery throat and continues the work of my little green friend back and forth. " What is it, that's huge," he lamented, but back at all the same. " There is some zucchini, silly. One of the things, as a mom. It s the right size to make the point. " "You can say that again. I am so hard it hurts. I do not know better than the mother, " that almost laughed and whispered as he feeds the next end n almost disappeared. " Turn around. " acted as if my arms around him and always thand improvised dildo in place. that jerking cock that must have measured more than three or three and a half inches flashed before my eyes. The bright bright red head was exposed to looked painfully sensitive. I dropped to my knees and is sweet in my mouth, sucking gently vegetables and other works relax your ring and tickle his prostate at all times. " Ooooh," who took my head and began furiously, fuck, somewhere in line free zucchini slipped and crashed on the floor of the shower, but s been everywhere. He gave a long moan and strangled his cock felt in my the mouth three or four times. A dry orgasm, but a highlight anyway. that s was ready, he fell to his knees in the shower me n in comparison with his own eyes glass and sucking in the air, having had a heart attack. " Do I have to semen, could know? " " No, sorry, no Ant this time. " I had, seeing the disappointment in your face, wanted to inject a little do. " I thought it would end, he wasso right. " " You ", I promised, and guided his hand in my own pain from the tap. Surprisingly, smiled and began to masturbate. " I'm not going to suck " laughed, while working my joint return. " The thingy is fun, I will keep under my pillow. " " No, "he laughed. N" You borrow one if you feel the need. You have a lot of to explain if they are in bed. " " I guess, " nodded sagely. " Anyway, "I put my head on his shoulder while he masturbated away. " If you want to to try something affects to the prostate, you know where my room. " " What? "He looked confused for a moment and then laughed. " It's dirty perverted... get up, I want to see when it runs out. " strange guy. However, I got up and knelt masturbate removed. Like my balls were tight and I could feel the heat that made ​​her to move. That must have felt, or that should have warned repress my Rock tap or tighten the muscles of my stomach, but he lowered his head and swallowed the final of my cock as I arrived. I think it was a bit more than I expected, I heard him swallow, swallowing, and nausea, and finally got up and looked at me cum smeared face and gave him a shy smile. " There you go, brother. " I looked at him and bent on an impulse I took in my arms and kissed him on the lips. Her eyes widened in shock and closes I felt again the kiss gently, then more than it actually is in the interior. " Let's dry, water is exhausted," he muttered at the end. was dried and dressed in silence. I think it would be halfway to me it s master plan and was not shocked, I think you may be ashamed or embarrassed only n only , but the silence was absolute. " Do you want a cup of chocolate in bed? " I had to say something. " Yes, please," he said, avoiding the eyes. " I can go to bed. " " Of course, Ant Chill out, everything is our secret... that never happened. " " happened, but it's our secret," said gave me a smile to my surprise and fled the BathrooM went down to the kitchen and two cups of sweet and evil of Cadbury, ensures the decay after switching off the lights and have tired of my way up the stairs. A Matty night, as an abortifacient, but interesting the session with Anthony and I felt like a loser. I physically and mentally destroyed on the edge. I do not know where o title was what the future held. Matty and his little scene was good, but with Ant seruiously could have dropped me in the shit. He was 12 not the kind of life to keep secrets and tonight was one of bits at once and they tickle him a fraternal. was not in his room, which was the first shock. When I walked into my room grabbed the cup, I got the second shock. There sat in my ​​bed with a big cheesy smile on his face and looked like the cat that ate the canary. ", I thought... " he began. " This is the first time. " " Har, har. " He looked at me and his eyes are always a bad sign. ? " If that cour - It has veggy thing in this sense in my body, what impact would a large foreign body" " Pass: " I looked at him and gave Preteen Models him his cup and sat on the edge of my bed. " if there was a cucumber? " " Give a sore butt," I laughed, despite his serious attitude, it was s always a bit of La La Land. "Anyway, you've decided to sleep here call tonight or just paying a social? " " I'm sleeping with you, Stevie, " thought it was one on the edge of your cup n small smile. "I know what you want and as you say, you have to big cucumer ". He gave her a smile. "I'm hard again on the way. " " So I'm like, ' I just opened my robe and gave him a flash. " Yum, yum, "he whispered. " Who needs some green vegetables when there are large brothers rose about? N " n " Yes, "he smiled and turned off the light. It was too late , but it looked like a promising night, and I wanted to make the best of that" smiley face when the ant is dropped bedclotbe exposed hes knee naked body for what he did. " Litrtle bitch, I leave my clothes and stood naked, looking up the body of his son, who had a twinge of guilt, which I intend to do, or, not what I expected to do, but quickly banished there my father, an old Navy o man would say. " cock drunk has no vapor lights " which means the n , but I have a drift, but was not drunk, I was infatuated with my child brother. I turned the overhead light and sat in the warm glow of the nightlight by taking the light of my cocoa, I spent a finger across his throat chest Ant navel and gently grabbed the signing of three and a half inch or is what it always was. I gradually worked itself loose skin and protect her and \\ \\ n bright red cock. "You have the touch, Stevie, " Ant whispered. "I wanted to sleep with the n for some time," he smiled at me. "Well, I am a bitch who accept. " " Just kidding, man, "my cup down and went to bed squatting onhim. When he came and grabbed my hardness bowed to kissed on the lips, this time there was no doubt, and my tongue sliiped in fulfilling its slippery mouth organ, as we have language tango. Brotherly love, incest... who cared. I loved him and seemed to I wanted. " This is very hard," muttered he moved his hand forward and back, I do more difficult. "It's drip, " he laughed. "Move up ". I did, I knew what I wanted, which he had acquired a taste and I was happy n enough that they do, but I had no intention of Cuming. I wanted to go to tonight all the way. We would not have many opportunities, so tonight are on break. , I shuffled my knees to his shoulders and bowed without a word grabbed my ​​erection and took them to his mouth and took him in the head reciprocated, and gently sucked me greasing and takes me to the is still very short. I finally had to break. "I'm going to explode," I groaned. "Make me," he demanded, with a battle turned in the stomach and made meastride his back. no ", he says, " I rolled back with a fight. I did not know what done and then looked sad and bewildered, as I have his tail in s mouth for a few minutes and then took a pillow pushed down to the lower back, lift the rear. "What are you doing, Stevie? " N "the... " I lifted her legs to be folded and knees down exposed chest Litle button. It looked a bit swollen and slightly red, but when I touched her gently, gave a sigh of satisfaction, and saw that his sphincter real pulse. shlurping I think its sweet honey pot, lining with saliva and test it with my tongue, I swear he was sorry, and I was in the final stage. to reach under the pillow I grabbed Nivea cream I would put before for that matter. "What is that? " "does not want to hurt you, Ant, " I said and smiled, shrugged his shoulders, as in contact with cold cream his hot young ass. " Aaaah," he lamented, and his eyesclosed, as I smeared across the input and a finger slowly in a deep layer into the interior of your body to do rotating fingers was so relaxed that it could be. "I could handle a mess now," brave smile. " You say the sweetest things," smiled and put my now crying freely forgiven glans soft and smooth your elbow. " Oooooh," said tight and grabbed my hips as he felt his call path, and my to force open the glans muscle and its delicious heat and tension my ​​hard throbbing included. I had spoken with him and he moaned as n win another inch, there was no turning back. I every inch of the car I had no control in shock hard and deep and they take it, but common sense won in the end and I always rocked slowly sinking deepening. " Orrit, Ant ? I leaned over and kissed him, his hand shot out and grabbed in the neck that holds us together as I slowly took my n in the tight little ass. \\ \\ n "Youah, " he gasped, as he broke the kiss. " I am very hard, "he groaned, and s ha. His cock was shining and Preteen Models almost time for everyone there and then pulled up and down in sympathy. reached down and masturbated as I little by little until my length was tightly wrapped in his warm little bottom the body. " perverted bastard," she whispered tenderly. n has certainly had a way of the words. kept my torso upright, as it stretches toward me and started to get real n is. long to slow down roots and then stroked my back until only as my inner knob and then asked again and again. it was good sex, and the end, we almost belly to belly, my belly flip your pricklet ousted as my rock hard cock and sank into the soft ground. that I urged her legs fell on my back sweaty resticting my impulses. " my dick hurts", he lamented on stage. " I think it is burning urination. " I laughed with pleasure. I knew what was happening and was a sublime moment for him and for me as well as I snoreed and felt my own heat created and the endless streams and splashing hot cum in my down firmly tight. " Ah, Lord God," he exclaimed, while in the womb to feel the womb slipperyness between our bellies. "I felt all things cum in me," red his face. " I think I have a little pee like a girl wet panties. " " I do not think," I smiled and gently kissed him slowly, and carefully remove. I examined his stomach Unrolling brilliant and took a load of mucus finger n its almost transparent skin perfectly smooth n I thought it to his lips. "Taste it. " "Piss On", chuckled, but looked at me curiously as I understood his soft noodles and ran my fingers through it like a toothpaste tube. The trickle of the cloudy liquid that oozed from his slit urine was undeniable. I ducked the head and gently licked his children enjoyed the semen cost almost nothing only a small foretaste of the things promised more to come. sperm " Ant" I smiled. " Really?"His smile lit up the room. " Cum me. " It was burning. " This time I took a few drops of puddle in your navel and gave my finger on his lips. " By God," he said, licking him and his smile was even bigger, if it is is possible. "Do not taste as yeuchy like you. " N " is", I promised and pulled the blanket up and over Preteen Models us. I looked on the clock, as he embraced with a smile of satisfaction on his face. that gently stroked the other's body, as the wound down. I would like to make a new friend and found Matty fans and my little brother Ant had found a new hobby. yet, not a a bad start in the weekend and I still had another seven hours to expand to our new friendship. my ​​last thought as I drove by the dream of my baby brother spoon my ​​back was not in the zucchini in the shower forget it. If my mother or 's father found that all hell was going on. The End As I said, is in the title until the end of Brighton encounters stories in the pipeline courtesy Nifty. Other stories and pix... GCutter66 aol. com
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